Delayed Half Dome Permit Lottery to Finally Open March 13

Hear that? It’s the sound of 25,000 people breathing a sigh of relief. Normally the preseason lottery to nab a hiking permit to haul yourself up the Half Dome cables opens on March 1, but this year, computer glitches stopped the process before it started. Yosemite officials announced yesterday the glitch is fixed and the permit lottery will open March 13 at 7 am. Each day during the climbing season, usually May through October, 225 permits are available. In most years, more than 25,000 people elbow for permits. Last year, only 19 percent of applicants nabbed one. Want to try for a Saturday? Good luck. Weekend success rates are as low as 2 percent. Toss your name in the hat at Photo: Denys Nevozhai

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