Celebrity Stylist Erica Cloud Tackles 3 Spring Color Trends

“The baby blue and orange seem unusual together because they’re both kind of bright colors,” she explained. “But I think they play off of each other really well and [the blue] has the effect of neutralizing the orange, but in a way that seems like they’re meant to be together—a happy little marriage.”

It’s in these unusual combinations that Cloud really shines. She has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of how the color wheel works and uses it to her advantage to create compelling, albeit unlikely, pairings. “I think that a lot of times, if you have just one color on its own, it’s really pretty and it’s striking, but once you combine it with another color, it takes it to a different level. This is especially true with colors that are unusual or that you wouldn’t think are normally paired.”

But throwing on a baby-blue jacket over an orange top wasn’t a random choice on Cloud’s part. Instead, it boils down to something she calls her “rule of three.” She explained, “It’s having a bright color, then an almost pastel or lighter color, and then finally, a neutral—that’s usually how my rule works.” My brain raced ahead before she could explain further. Orange is the bright here, baby blue would be the pastel, and the navy printed pants were the… neutral? “That’s what I think people don’t realize, that a print can actually serve as a neutral, which sounds crazy because you might think it would be too much, but it cuts the [original bright color].”

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