Running the Wild Streets of San Francisco

A couple months back, we talked with ultrarunner Rickey Gates about his quirkily ambitious adventure running every single dang street in San Francisco. Over 1,300 miles, tens of thousands of feet of elevation gain, all over a six-week stretch. He’d recently-ish ended an isolating trip running across the United States by entering the East Bay, where he lived, and being smacked in the face by millions of people. Gates was fascinated by the immediate change and intrigued by what he could learn about his own backyard by pounding the pavement. Not a city person by any means, Gates found adventure in the endless variety of San Francisco’s urban environment and challenge by the natural landscape and its endless hills and valleys. In a new video, Gates explains what prompted this mission, and shares his favorite moments. The beauty of San Francisco really shines through too. There isn’t another major city in the country so immediately surrounded by undeveloped nature, some of which comes across in overhead shots of the city reaching northward, halted immediately by the Golden Gate and the forested Marin Headlands.

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