U.S. Congress, Huawei, Venezuela: Your Tuesday Briefing

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Good morning.

The U.S. Senate is set to rebuke President Trump, a step toward a possible H.I.V. cure, and a successful return in Venezuela. Here’s the latest:

Tornadoes: Rescue workers in the U.S. rushed to search for survivors after a cluster of storms ripped through the Southeast, from Alabama into Florida and Georgia, killing at least 23 people.

Denmark: The country has a “pervasive ‘rape culture’ and endemic impunity for rapists,” according to an Amnesty International report. Danish law defines rape as an attack based on the use of violence rather than the absence of consent, and there are urgent calls to change that definition.

Carlos Ghosn: A Tokyo court set bail at $9 million for the former auto executive, who faces charges in Japan of underreporting his income by more than $80 million. Prosecutors are expected to appeal.

Arms control: Russia formally suspended its observance of a key nuclear arms treaty that the U.S. abandoned last month, setting the stage for the return of land-based nuclear missiles with relatively short ranges of 300 to 3,400 miles.

The Vatican: Winning praise from academics and Jewish organizations, Pope Francis announced that in 2020 he would open the sealed archives from the World War II-era pontificate of Pius XII, allowing scholars to examine how the Vatican responded to Nazism and the Holocaust, a subject of deep controversy.

Ted Baker: Ray Kelvin, the founder and chief executive of the British fashion chain, resigned after current and former employees accused him of inappropriate behavior, including trying to massage people in the office and asking employees for sex.

Scotland: President Trump implied in a tweet that a golf course owned by the Trump Organization in Scotland, and that recently lost a court judgment, helps cement the U.S. relationship with Britain. His remark alarmed some legal and ethics experts.

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