Oscars 2019: How to Use the Best Reaction GIFs of the Night

There’s an awards show reaction GIF for every occasion.

The Oscars are a pop culture mine that, quite literally, is filled with priceless gold, coloured jewels and $30 million diamonds. Sometimes, the evening’s viral moment is staring right at us, shining bright and ready to be shared with the world: the Ellen selfie, Chrissy Teigen sobbing, Nicole Kidman clapping like a seal. Other times, you’ve got to do a little digging to find the golden nugget that will stand the test of time. As people of the internet, it’s our job to head to the pit of the earth (Giphy.com), pick up the shovel (computer mouse) and dig (browse) for the most valuable gem (meme).

From the steamy A Star Is Born performance to an Olivia Colman double snog, here are the best GIFs from last night’s Oscars.


Adam Driver is Realizing Things


  • You can’t remember whether or not you turned off the oven.
  • You realize you’ve never shampooed your eyebrows.
  • You find out Rachel Weisz is three years older than Olivia Colman.


Olivia Colman Gets a Double Snog


  • The group chat is smothering you with tender love and affection.
  • You would like to team up to smother someone else in the group chat with tender love and affection.
  • Your paycheck and your tax return are deposited into your bank account on the same day.


The Skin Team Celebrates Their Win


  • You wake up to a snow day.
  • It’s lunch time.
  • It’s 5pm. Or a Friday. And, especially, if it’s 5pm on a Friday. Essentially, you can use this GIF any time you’re dismissed from working.


Spike Lee Does a Little Wink


  • Your coworker asks you not to spread a sizzling piece of gossip.
  • You swipe right on someone you already know socially.
  • Your grandma slides you a $50 and says: “It’s our little secret.”


Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Nearly Kiss


  • Someone says, “you have perfect eyebrows.”
  • They said your pizza would be delivered in 30 minutes, but it’s at your door in 20.
  • You’re randomly upgraded to Uber Select.


Melissa McCarthy Spoofs The Favourite 


  • Your mom calls before a family function to ask if you’re going to dress appropriately.
  • You show up to the bar and the bouncer tells you your outfit doesn’t match their dress code.
  • Your sister says, “I would never wear that but it suits you so well.”

The Makeup & Hair People Can’t Make a Speech


  • You’re consulting your group chat before sending your crush a text.
  • Nobody’s taking the reigns on the group project.
  • You show your friends a dank meme and nobody reacts.

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