How to Generate Thousands of Leads For Your Business – Benson Sung

Benson Sung discusses the importance of generating leads for your business and how you can do it too.

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1:00 You must have high volume traffic in order to generate high-quality leads. If you don’t know how to drive traffic to your website go to Digital Marketing University:… to learn how to generate traffic.

4:00 Make sure you have an opt-in on your landing page so you can easily collect their email and information. Make sure you have a conversion journey in place that’s simple and uncomplicated.

6:00 If you don’t have a map and a clear guideline for converting traffic into leads then how can you expect your target audience to have clarity on what they should do next?

8:00 You cultivate a relationship with your target audience through the awareness stage. Visitors to your site want to know how you can help them you can show them this through clarity and certainty with your message.

12:00 Lower perceived risk to your audience by providing a simple and clear indoctrination. Be clear with how you can help your target audience, what value you can add to their lives and how you will help them moving forward.

16:00 I’m teaching you the exact process I use in my business. The 5 pages you need to have on your website are: visitor page, call-to-action page, opt-in page, asset page and finally a form page where your audience can opt-in or sign up.

20:00 It’s very powerful to personalize the journey on your website because it helps your potential leads feel like your company is the best fit to help them solve their perceived problem.

22:00 Comment below with the stage your focusing on for your business. Make sure to like, subscribe and share this video if you felt like you learned about how to grow your business online.

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