12 Useful Tools To Make Money Online – Benson Sung

Benson discusses important online tools to help you make money online.

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0:30 The first tool you want to use to make more money online is Hot Jar. This is a tool that allows you to be able to see the heat map, the conversions on your website; you’re able to get feedback. You’re able to see all the different metrics that are important for your website when people are visiting your site. 

1:30 Google Analytics is the next tool that you should be using for your business online. Google Analytics allows you to see all the different metrics, the tracking; it allows you to see the traffic on your site, see the demographics, see the location. You see where they are coming from. 

2:00 The next tool that you want to use is to grow your social media traffic on autopilot, and that tool is called HootSuite. You’re able to set automatic postings. You’re able to interact and do everything in your social media all in one place. That saves so much time, so much energy and just be able to conserve the resources. 

2:50 The next thing that you should use for content marketing and being able to know what’s going to work when you put all your resources into writing content or having your team do this is using Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a tool that you can use to search the top keywords, the top topics, the top content that’s performing well right now based on Google and social media.

3:30 The next tool that’s useful for you being able to convert your traffic into leads, quality leads, and being able to convert that quality leads into actual sales and customers is using a tool like Webinarjam or Everwebinar.

4:45 A tool that’s great for converting your traffic into leads is using a tool called ClickFunnels. Now what’s great about ClickFunnels is it’s made it so much easier to be able to build landing pages or squeeze pages, as they call them, where you can drive a traffic to a page and get them to opt-in with their name and email or through chatbots, and then give them their contact information. 

6:00 Now, the next thing about growing your business on autopilot is using Marketing Automation software. The best tool out there to use is called Activecampaign. That’s the one that I use in my own company and also the tool that I recommend all my private clients and partners. Using the Activecampaign allows you to automate the communication you’re using with your target audience. 

6:50 The next tool that I recommend, to be able to give the best customer service, is a tool called Intercom. Intercom is one of the most popular tools to be able to use and communicate with your customers, with your customer service, providing them with FAQ, or a Helpdesk or a form, be able to communicate with you and find the most frequently asked questions, or problems that they’re having and also at the same time, it allows you to better own your website.

7:50 The first tool that you want to use is something that’s called Visual Website Optimizer, or VWO. The Visual Website Optimizer is the first tool. The second one is called Optimizely. Now Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer, both tools are great, and I recommend both because I use both as well, but you’re able to set up these different kinds of tests. The reason why you want to set up tests is, you want to able to get higher conversions.

8:45 The file tool that you should be using is called Wistia. If you’re doing a lot of videos like I am for Digital Marketing University or doing video marketing, you should be using Wistia. Wistia allows you to track your video views; it allows you to see the behaviors and how people are interacting with videos on your website or everything that you’re doing.

10:40 What I’m going to do, is I’m going to include some links on the bottom and also in this expanded post, that you can see right here, on the Digital Marketing University website. 

10:55 What is the favorite tool that you’re using in your online marketing business, whether you’re E-commerce, whatever business you’re running, let me know your favorite tool, so I kind find out, and maybe I haven’t used it myself as well, and I’ll take your recommendation too. The other thing is I want you to like this video, let me know that you found value in this video, and then finally, hit that subscribe button right there. 

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