Work From Home Seasonal Tax Jobs with Intuit

If you're a tax epert and looking for a work from home job this time of year you can find seasonal tax jobs with intuit. We're covering two popular options. #workfromhome #taxjobs

Tax season is here, which means Intuit is hiring Seasonal
Tax Support and Tax Experts for TurboTax users. This job is remote, so you can
help people file their taxes, answer questions about deductions, and sell new
tax products right from home by online chat, phone, or video.

Working with Intuit

Intuit is offers two seasonal options. The first is Seasonal
Tax Support and the second is Seasonal Tax Expert (including CPA, Enrolled
Agent, or Practicing Attorney).

(You’ll have to check their job openings page to check for current openings.)

Seasonal Tax Support Position with Intuit

Let’s take a look at the Seasonal Tax Support option first. This
job assists Turbo Tax customers with necessary tax support. You’ll be required
to answer both tax questions and technical support questions, as well as
troubleshoot any issues.

For this job a college degree is a plus and you’ll also need
a background in business, finance, accounting or taxes. Basic knowledge of tax
laws and familiarity with a 1040 and tax schedules is all needed.

Here are some more prerequisites for the position:

  • Strong customer service skills, you must instill
    trust and confidence
  • Previous experience preparing federal and state
    returns for individuals
  • Tax preparation experience in a retail setting
    is a plus
  • Previous experience providing service through a
    call center
  • Strong research skills – the ability to use
    online resources to quickly find answers
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to use audio and visual tools to
    communicate with customers
  • Ability to interact with customers through video
    in a professional manner
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) written and spoken
    skills a plus

Seasonal Tax Expert Position with Intuit

The second position is a Seasonal Tax Expert which includes Enrolled
Agents, CPA’s and Practicing Attorneys. Most of your client interaction will be
by video and you’ll be responsible for providing tax advice, tax calculations,
and product and software inquiries. For this job you’ll need:

  • Active credentials as a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or
    Practicing Attorney with strong tax preparation experience and extensive
    knowledge of tax laws
  • Active Preparer Tax Identification Number
  • 3 or more recent years of experience preparing
    federal and state individual 1040 returns using commercial tax preparation
  • Professional Circular 360 judgement
  • Audit experience with IRS or state tax authority
    a plus
  • Solid knowledge of computer operations and
  • Dedicated internet connection and landline phone
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Audio and visual tools to communicate with
    customers via video
  • Excellent verbal and written skills. Bilingual
    skills (English/Spanish) a plus.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
    while problem-solving

Getting Paid

Seasonal Tax Support positions pay between $9 and $12 per
hour depending on the position and your experience. Seasonal Tax Experts can
earn about $18 per hour, more for audit and analytical work.

Payment is through direct deposit and made on a bi-weekly
basis. Your hours are dependent on your availability and the shifts available. You will need to commit to working a set
amount of shifts per week, but you can request shifts that work with your

How to Apply

To see what positions are available and begin the application process, visit Intuit’s Career page. Each job listing has its own qualifications and application process. You can learn more by clicking on the available jobs.

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